Survival and Growth in Innovative Technology Entrepreneurship: A Mixed-Methods Investigation

OVERVIEW This is an individual task. You need to find an article related to entrepreneurship. The article must be from a journal or high quality conference proceedings. You must have your article or document approved by the lecturer before you review it. Your review should not read as though you are the author of the article or material. You are the reviewer of the article, and your review should read as a review. When you proofread your review, if it reads as though you are the author of the article or material, your style of writing is not appropriate. The reader should clearly understand the difference between the author's contribution and your interpretation and evaluation of that contribution. Under no circumstance should you copy material from an article and represent it as your own work. Carefully proofread your work before submitting it. GUIDELINES FOR CONTENTS Following is a suggested guideline for preparing your reports. (remember to always use Harvard Business Style for all formatting and referencing as per the course outline): 1. COVER PAGE  Student Names, Student ID, Programme and Group  Lecturer’s Name 2. INTRODUCTION  Write an introduction paragraph that informs the reader that you intend to review an article or other document. Tell the reader the reason why you selected that particular article to review. The purpose of the introduction paragraph is to prepare the reader for what is to follow in your review. 3. FINDINGS AND DISCUSSION  State the overall purpose of the article. What was the main theme of the article?  What new ideas or information were communicated in the article?  Why was it important to publish these ideas?  Briefly describe the research methodology.  What were the basic results or findings from the research?  Give your impressions of the usefulness of the article. Give your reasons for your opinions. Write about your opinions of the strengths and weaknesses of the article in separate paragraphs.  Please find other sources to support your points or opinion. 4. CONCLUSION Write a conclusion paragraph that briefly informs the reader what you wrote about in your review and your overall findings. Relate you opinion with the thesis idea.


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