Statement of Purpose for Graduate School on Artificial Intelligence and Block-chain

Please explain why you are a good candidate for graduate school. You should describe why you wish to attend graduate school, what you would like to study, and any research experience you have. Describe one or more accomplishments you are particularly proud of that suggest that you will succeed in your chosen area of research. Why your background makes you uniquely qualified for your particular group(s) of interest What you will bring to the group, including research ideas, that is unique and helpful Why you want to be part of that particular group(s) Whoever reads it might be skimming, so make sure you have strong topic sentences for each paragraph and that you can read through each of them to get the full picture. In the same vein, get to the point quickly. Be concise. Make sure you explain: Why you want to be a grad student. Why you would make a good grad student, with supporting evidence from the facts of your life. What you want to do in grad school. Be clear enough so they can picture you doing whatever it is you want to do at their school.


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