art narrativevignette involving a work of art or architecture.

For this assignment, you will compose a brief narrative vignette involving a work of art or architecture. The work that is the subject of your narrative may be in any medium/genre (painting, sculpture, architecture, film/video, performance, installation, etc.) and from any time period. It may be a real artwork or a fictional one. The aim of this assignment is to experiment with storytelling as a means of conveying the ideas and impressions that result from an encounter (real and/or imagined) with a work of art or architecture. You may include one or more images (of the artwork itself or otherwise related/relevant to your story) with your text if you wish, but this is optional. The standard formatting for this assignment is as follows:
             -12-point Times New Roman font             -1” (2.5 cm) margin on all sides of the page              -Do not include a title page             -Submit your piece in Microsoft Word (.docx) format only.  Your text will be evaluated according to the following criteria: 1.  Establishes and makes use of key elements of story structure (such as setting, plot, character and point of view). 2.  Effectively combines description, action and/or dialogue, with clearly focused writing, a coherent narrative structure and logical sequence of elements. 3.  Develops clear, full and complex ideas in relation to the subject artwork using a broad range of relevant details. 4.  Uses creative, concrete language, effective literary devices, rich sensory detail, sophisticated vocabulary, careful and precise word choices, and varied sentence structure. 5.   Engages the reader with a unique authorial voice, interesting artwork/subject matter, and a strong sense of audience/readership.


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