Band wagon Stylistic analysis

essentially you watch a movie (there is a list to choose from) and then you talk about the style of the movie. so there are 3 elements of style. you pick one and just talk about it for the paper for example. you would focus on the cinematography of the movie so u would talk about angles or lighting etc you would focus on the editing so if it’s fast paced or how smooth the transition is or you would focus on the sound. so the dialogue, music(soundtrack), overlapping of dialogue films: ​ Mr. Hulot’s Holiday​, ​ The Passion of Joan of Arc​, ​ The Band Wagon​, ​ Bicycle Thieves​ (a.k.a. ​The Bicycle Thief​)​,  Pather Panchali,​ ​ or Black Narcissus I have a slideshow to explain the different styles if needed. Its an easy paper, I just do not have time.

You can rent Band Wagon on youtube for $3…  .


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