it is about developing a business case for information system solution for a meeting voting software , and providing different alternatives ( form a software, platform, or any other solutions ) that can be solve the faced problem mentioned in my paper. i got some feedback on my paper that i wish you can solve it,( do not use I in the report, use organization X) and (suggest 3-4 software that can solve the problem, state the key functions of the software as well ( eg. the business processes offered) state out of 3-4 above, which one do you select and why) and ( do not use abbreviation) and ( the solution i suggested was using platform-as-a-service as a information system solution, but my instructor is says that it does not make a sense for the problem and solution stated. and she is asking why not using google doc form and do voting << but i don’t prefer this solution because of security and that i need a solution that i can have my database in the organization territory for information and data security that why i excluded the shared database option)

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no nee to do the company profit, mission and vision and strategic goals


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