Movie review : Parasite


“Your assignment is to write a 4-page paper analyzing how cinematic techniques work together to create meaning in the film Parasite.  Consider, for instance, the mise-en-scene: does a particular color or lighting scheme dominate? If so, why? Is the narrative chronological or achronological? What effect does this arrangement have? Does the film engage with genre conventions?  How and for what purposes? With whom do we identify? What effect does this have? What role, if any, do women or people of color play in the narrative? How are they shot and lit?   Select examples of important scenes or techniques to include in your essay. Your paper must include close cinematic analysis; plan on analyzing one or two brief sequences or scenes from your chosen film in detail. Avoid description and plot summary; focus on cinematic analysis instead.   Begin to formulate an argument. The key to your essay will be developing an original, specific thesis statement about how 1 or 2 techniques underscore one key theme in the film. Answering one or two of the questions you pose yourself will help you formulate a thesis.   EXAMPLE: Thesis statements: o Ineffective thesis statement: In this essay I will analyze the use of sound in Blackmail’s “knife” sequence, connecting it to larger thematic and visual patterns in the film. o Effective thesis statement: In Blackmail off-screen sound illustrates Alice’s powerlessness, while also encouraging viewers to identify with this position of victimization.”



















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