response to a raisin in the sun

Select and discuss one character from the play A Raisin in the Sun in the following context utilizing one of the schools of literary criticism.  What does “The American Dream” means to this character?Is the play using this character to make a statement (about gender roles, culture, and society, Marxism, etc)   Characters: Mama Walter Lee Younger Ruth Younger Beneatha Younger Joseph Asagai (from Nigeria) Travis Younger (young son) Lena Younger (Mama) George Murchinson (man Beneatha dates)   Submission Guidelines: Submit a written reflection of at least 250-words or original 3-minute audio or video recording. Refer to the Module 3 Readings and Lecture Content on Literary Criticism.  “a raisin in the sun” found in my college book “Norton introduction to literature 13th addition.”


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