course: restaurant and bar service 1 I will give you the log in to see the week 13 material files and beverage menu( instruction ) and rubric. 2 you need to create original beverage menu based on the rubric and follow the instructions step by step. 1-8 8.  will do later just you know.                 you need to include at least 3  Japanese beverages. please see the example of beverage menu . that’s what you need to do like that. it’s important design when you see the menu at the restaurant i will give you the log in detail and link later

24677337 minutes ago please use link to pick 1 different hotel.   don’t chose the liberty hotel and turkey hotel one. please include 6 things ( answer the all questions ) colour and visual imagery is important instruction: i   I. HOTEL ADVERTISEMENT(S) Choose one specific (but different) types of hotel properties (preferably at opposite ends of the spectrum) and create an advertisement (for each) designed to bring in new leisure business over a holiday weekend. In the advertisement, stress the benefits of choosing that property (2 reasons). As you create the advertisements (1 for each property), consider the following: Who is your target market? (list or present this as a bullet/ short phrase) Will your advertisement focus on price? Location? Amenities? (use or present 3 bullets to state these) Should this vary depending on your target market? Why or why not? (clearly state using short phrases


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