A PROJECT REPORT ·         A PITC TO A PANEL OF EXPERTS FROM THE AREA OF HEALTHCARE, IT TECHNOLOGY, and BUSINESS DURING THE SEMINAR SESSION, WHO WILL SCRUTINIZE THEIR PROPOSAL.( NOTE – The Pitch should be an elaborately prepared presentation of the project….The goal of the Pitch is to withstand scrutiny by the panel and convince it that the project is innovative, valuable, well-considered and investment-worthy) –  (think “DRAGONS’S DEN) NOTE: I am interested in “Drones in Healthcare” DIGITAL HEALTH – (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE)                                                                              (OR) (EXECUTOR) CAN COME UP WITH HIS/HER OWN IDEA OF OTHER TOPICS FROM THE LISTS ABOVE PREFERABLY – NO 1. (BIG DATA) or NO 2. (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE). I just want a good, Simple and straightforward Job I will be able to defend in front of the Panels during scrutiny.


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