Compare and contrast two ethical systems with a modern day ethical problem.



For our signature assignment, we will be gathering ideas and perspectives from at least two different ethical systems we study in this class and compare and contrast them as they relate in the answers they give to modern day ethical problems.  In Modules 1-6, we will discuss the main ethical systems and you must choose from among the ones we study. In Modules 8-10 of our course, we discuss several of the difficult ethical choices people face, but you do not have to choose only from those topics. (ethical relativism, ethical egoism, utilitarianism, kants moral theory, natural law and virtue) Once you determine the ethical question you want to research and write on, you will also need to do the following: 1.      Choose two different ethical systems we have studied in the first 6 modules of the course to compare the ways they answer this ethical problem.  One of the ethical systems should be the one you are convinced makes the most sense in answering the problem correctly; the other system will be on that you believe does not have as good an answer. 2.      Determine a clear thesis on the topic: Your thesis must make a stand on the ethical problem.  For example, ‘euthanasia is an ethically wrong choice to make.’ 3.      Explain and support the ethical system that gives the best support for your thesis. Give arguments for why it is the best system to answer this ethical question. 4.      Discuss a different ethical system that would lead people to believe the opposite of your thesis; then argue, with academic support, why that system is not correct. 5.      In your conclusion, you should reaffirm your thesis and the ethical system that supports your argument; as well, you need to include a final section on why that ethical system also helps make other ‘right’ decisions when faced with difficult ethical decisions. This part of your conclusion describes your ethical stance moving forward and your confidence in the ethical system you have chosen. The paper itself must be an academically formatted paper (APA) of between 5-7 pages and your academic support must include at least 3 credible academic sources that discuss either the ethical dilemma you chose, or the ethical systems you describe in the paper. Here are more resources to help you with formatting: Purdue Owl on APA formatting Use an APA template for your paper
















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