Read and analyse the attached example Quality Improvement Plan.

Task 1: 50%

Identify three key risks that could affect the change affect the business activity and thus impact on the quality outcomes.

Justify and support your choice of risks by reference to the literature. For each risk:

  1. Build up the relevant risk specifications (see that attached template as a reminder of the field included in this)
  2. For each risk
  3. Justify your choice of impact and probability ratings.
  4. Explore the potential mitigation and contingency plans and consider the budgetary implications of these plans.


Task 2: 35%

Use two of the techniques covered in the module to explore one or more of these risks in more detail. Choose from: Pareto analysis, Riskit Analysis Graph, or the Ishikawa diagram.

Justify your choice of techniques considering their relevance and identifying at which part of the risk management lifecycle they are of most value. Support your argument by making reference to relevant risk literature.

N.B. for this assignment you must explicitly state and justify any assumptions you have made in addition to the information provided in the case study.

The assignment should be submitted in report form with major sections matching the two tasks and minor sections matching the sub-tasks identified.

Citation and References List: 15%

 All literature that is cited in the report must be listed, any references listed must also be cited within the report.

 All references must be presented using formal Harvard Referencing style.

o Wikipedia references are not acceptable.

Do not use:

 A cover page

 table of contents

 abstract

 executive summary

 an introduction

 a conclusion or summar


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