Process Analysis. Identify and describe the steps you take to manage your time to balance school, work, family, and other responsibilities.

This prewriting assignment requires two paragraphs. Each paragraph employs a pattern of development that was covered in the reading for this lesson. Because this assignment focuses on your own process for managing your time or achieving a work/life balance, you will use the first-person (I) point of view. For your first paragraph, use the narration, description, and illustration techniques you learned about in this lesson to describe your daily activities. You’ll write about the activities you dedicate time to including schoolwork, family responsibilities, and your job. Also include other pursuits such as hobbies, sports, and volunteer and social activities that occupy your time. This paragraph should begin with a topic sentence that introduces your busy life/current obligations and balancing these things. This paragraph should be between 500–550 words. In your second paragraph, focus on your steps. Identify 3–4 steps that you have taken or that you could take to manage your time or achieve a work/life balance. Use process analysis to explain each step in detail. For example, you may use a calendar app on your smartphone; explain which app, what functions you use, why it’s a valuable tool, and how it helps you. This paragraph should contain a topic sentence that names your time-management methods in the order they’ll be discussed in the paragraph. This paragraph should only focus on time-management methods. Be sure to include details on when you study and how long you study. You’ll write between 500–550 words for this paragraph too.


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