ECON Labor Economic documentary commentary essay

“American Factory” is a 110 minute documentary available on Netflix about Fuyao Glass, a Chinese firm, opening and operating a manufacturing plant in Dayton, Ohio. Watch the ENTIRE documentary. If you lack a Netflix subscription, subscribe for a month or use a friend’s account. Having already seen the film myself, I don’t need a summary. Instead, I want your reaction to the film, in a 900-1200 word essay providing salient, informed, and thoughtful commentary. Your commentary should apply concepts, themes, and theory from the course to this “real life” example. Draw connections between the documentary and concepts from labor economics. The more insightful and thoughtful your reaction is, the more extra credit points you will score. The more economics you use, the more extra credit points you will score. Your reaction should be double-spaced and proofread. Please put your name and the word count in the upper left-hand corner of the first page. Upload a file in an acceptable format containing your reaction.


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