Long Paper on Ibn Tufayl’s philosophical masterpiece Hayy ibn Yaqzan.

1. Carefully read the Ibn Tufayl’s philosophical masterpiece Hayy ibn Yaqzan. 2. After you have read this work, write an essay which addresses the following question: What is Ibn Tufayl’s main point in telling this story? 3. Your paper should be based solely upon Hayy ibn Yaqzan. The only other citations that you may give in addition to this work are the translator’s introduction to the book, his notes to this introduction, and his notes to the translation. If you draw upon my lectures, you do not have to cite them. 4. A major feature of the paper will be to demonstrate that you have understood the text and its underlying arguments correctly. Thus, when presenting Ibn Tufayl’s position on any given issue, it is best to cite him directly, thereby weaving key passages from his work into the analytic fabric of your essay. Evaluation Essays are graded out of 40, and are worth 40% of the total course mark. Each essay will be evaluated in terms of (1) the quality of its language, including grammar, spelling, and style; (2) the clarity of its thesis, (3) the coherence of its argument(s), (4) evidence of original research and its careful integration into the fabric of the essay; and (5) faithful adherence to the formatting guidelines below. Content The paper must have a clear thesis which is defended consistently throughout. An essay without a thesis cannot receive more than a C+. A thesis essentially summarizes, in one or several sentences, the entire point of your essay. It is simply not enough to say “This essay is going to talk about x, y, and z”; you must be more specific than that. A good thesis should be concise and straightforward, and must endeavour to prove a point: “In this essay, it shall be demonstrated that, because of x, y and z obtain.” You may not use the wording of this example in your essay. Due Date Essays are due at 8:00 am via email submission on November 26th, 2020.  7 Penalties Essays not handed in on the due date will receive a mark of zero. Absolutely no exceptions will be made to this rule. Papers submitted late due to a medical or other compassionate reason must be accompanied by relevant documentation (i.e., a medical certificate, etc.). Plagiarized essays will be assigned a zero, and the issue will be taken up with the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Form 1. Essays are to be ten full pages in length (excluding the title page and bibliography), double spaced, and written in Times New Roman font (size twelve). 2. Diction is to be formal, and essays are to be written in Canadian English. Grammar, syntax, spelling, and style must be impeccable. 3. All paragraphs—except the first paragraph of the essay—must be indented. Every paragraph—including isolated quotations and footnotes—must be justified. 4. Use footnotes as opposed to endnotes and/or internal citations. Footnotes are to be single spaced and written in Times New Roman font (size ten). A bibliography must be appended to the essay. The method of citation must follow the rules laid out in the Chicago Manual of Style. 6. Do not put quotations in italics, bold, or a combination of the two. Sentences which are more than three lines long are to be isolated, single spaced, and reduced to font size eleven with their margins indented to one inch on both the right and the left. 7. Essays must have a title page. All pages—excluding the title page and bibliography—are to be numbered at the bottom right corner of the page.


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