program design

In this assessment task, you will prepare an EFL unit. The unit will include five detailed lesson plans. You have to incorporate the teaching of the five skills as well as grammar and vocabulary. Make sure to provide in the introduction of the unit a brief description of the class level, unit objectives as well as locating your unit within both the syllabus and the curriculum.   Note: you should design the activities by yourself don’t copy and paste from the internet, you have to show me your creativity.   Guidelines  While designing the unit, you should consider to the concepts of curriculum, teaching methodology, syllabus design, objectives, learning outcomes.  Your project should include a 1000-word introduction, a detailed table of the unit plan, five detailed lessons with their respective plans.  If you use reference or teaching materials, you should acknowledge the resource. No specific requirement for how many references are needed.  Use APA referencing style. If you do not know, please visit the website of American psychology association


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