The Purposes Of a Business Plan

This essay needs the following to be explained: – (a) Begin with a well-written introductory paragraph and then thoroughly address each of the following five requirements. An overview of the topic: the purposes of a business plan  The topic’s importance to organizational management An example of an effective application relative to the topic in the context of one key managerial function – select one from (a) planning, (b) organizing, (c) controlling, (d) directing (motivating/leading). You may use a hypothetical example. In this section, you must also include a well-informed discussion about your selected managerial function, including providing its definition (use your own words and cite your source!). Anexampleofanineffectiveapplicationrelativetothetopicinthecontextofthe same managerial function you selected for #3. You may use a hypothetical example. End your essay telling me about one key thing you learned about this topic’s influence on organizational effectiveness.


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