California Legislature passed the California Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32)

The next few decades will be a time of immense change. Over one third of the energy currently consumed in the US comes from oil, and supplies are dwindling. Although supplies of natural gas and coal are relatively plentiful, most scientists believe the carbon dioxide released during their use is causing significant damage to the environment. Even though conservation will remain a focus, energy demand will continue to grow. How do we meet this demand? Simple solutions such as covering Arizona with solar panels or replacing all coal plants with nuclear fission reactors clearly won’t work. A viable energy policy must balance the technical, environmental, economic, social, and political challenges. For the project, you will explore the history and effects of a relevant state or national energy policy decision. Choose one of the following topics: – In 2006, the California Legislature passed the California Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32). Review the history of AB 32, including what it is meant to accomplish and why it was passed. Explore in depth the current implementation of AB 32, including both short term and long term effects on both the economy and the environment.


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