virtual simulation game developed by the digital publisher (operating in emerging market)

  1. The assessment is an innovative form of assessment.

The online business and management simulation – Sport bicycle was developed by the digital publisher

In this simulation, each group of students (consisting of approx. 5 students per team) manage their own globally operating bicycle company. In a highly competitive setting, actually playing against the other student teams within this module, the companies have to determine their international strategic business plan and conducting internal and external analysis (such as the overseas markets, trends, news items, Hofstede’s culture differences, financials, stock & demand, HRM performances, etc.). Based on this strategic plan and analysis each team has to take operational decisions on country and global level such as: (online) global marketing, local country marketing, HRM investments and projects, R&D investments, warehouse contracts, loans, logistic service provider analysis, etc. etc.



  1. Operational decisions


Present which operational decisions you’ve taken each round, in line with your strategic plan.

  • Explain why you have chosen to enter certain countries (based on which analysis’ conclusions?) and why you haven’t entered others.
  • Explain how you managed your local inventory levels and what influence this has at your costs, customer service and Logistic Service Provider decision.
  • Explain how the strategy behind the chosen organization structure, hired management team and HR decisions.


3: Individual Reflection Report


You need to individually write a reflection report about your experience in participating in the simulation game. The report needs to contain the following elements:


1) A reflective evaluation of your team’s initial strategy and how the strategy evolved during your team’s play of the simulation game. You are expected here to make use of the theory, models, concepts covered in class. (Indicatively 700 words with proper academic references)


2) A reflective evaluation of your team’s performance against the other teams’ performance used in the simulation game, what have you learnt through playing the simulation game? In which areas you think you group did well? In which areas you think your group need to improve? (Indicatively 800 words). You must attach your group’s PPT slides on your individual report with the full list of names and student numbers, as well as the relevant simulated company name – on the first page of your slides.




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