The Oceans are in trouble

The Oceans are in trouble. Many issues are on the rise, for example plastics and pollution, climate change (acidification, dead zones, erosion, storm surges, coral bleaching, etc.), over-exploitation of resources (such as Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing), erratic/poor planning and development on the coasts. These impact not only the health of the oceans but also the economy upon which countries depend on. Some islands in the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, such as Seychelles, Comoros, São Tomé and Principe are at huge risks. a. Describe, analyze and evaluate why the international community has not been able to make significant progresses on the ocean agenda for those countries so far. Give specific reasons and examples in your argument. b. Choose anyone of those key-stakeholders (state/country, international organization, business community, academia) active in any two of those countries and analyze and explain what type of leadership and contributions they can make to tackle and reverse those issues. c. Provide some concrete examples of tools and best-practices across the world that have been used and tested in addressing the above-mentioned issues.


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