lgbt Opinion Paper

You are to select one of the following topics for your opinion paper. Paper is to be 3-pages typed (double-spaced) and is worth 50 points. Use references where applicable. State how you feel and then look to see if there are any reputable sources that confirm your opinion. You will not be graded on your opinion, just in your ability to defend what you say. Opinion paper #3 will be due on November 29, 2020 at 11:55 p.m.   1.      Should gays and lesbians be allowed to get married? Why or why not? What about adopting children? Why or why not?   2.      What do you think the answer is to the illegal immigration problem our nation faces today? Do you agree with our constitution about children born in this country being automatic American citizens? How do we fix the problems associated with this?   3.      Is our country Muslim-phobic? Support your answer with specific incidences (ex: mosque being built close to Ground Zero; hate crimes; our fears, etc.). How can this be resolved?   4.      How does racism still exist in the U.S. today? Use current news events to support your answer (ex: what happened to Shirley Sherrod; or what were the current results of the Doll study?, etc. ). How can we reduce these prejudicial views?   5.      Is it ever okay to use the “N” word?   6.      Why do you think darker skinned African Americans are more discriminated against than lighter skinned African Americans? Why do you think this is true, even among the African American people?


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