General Sociology

  1. Define and explain what is meant by the term race? Ethnicity? How many races are there? Provide an example from the film Race: The Power of an Illusion that demonstrates the difference between the biological and social view of race? (5 Points)
  2. How does the socio-economic status one is born into the impact their access to opportunity and success? How do politics affect your life? Provide three examples. Use one of the three theoretical perspectives in sociology to explain why people who are eligible to vote, choose not to vote. (10 Points)
  3. Discuss how environmental issues are connected to issues of power, socio-economic status, race & gender?  Use 2 specific examples from the film: Before the Flood to demonstrate these interconnections? (10 Points)
  4. What messages about gender can often be found in advertising? How do the messages in advertising shape gender roles/expectations? Provide two examples that Jackson Katz (Tough Guise 2) uses in his analysis that demonstrates how media helps to shape violent masculinity. (5 Points)
  5. For the final question, I would like you to use specific information from the Building a Better Worldarticle and Weil videoto answer the following:
  6. A) What does it mean to be a solutionary?
  7. B) Discuss two “traps” that can stop people from making a difference in the world.
  8. C) What does it mean to you to be part of the solution to either a specific issue you are passionate about or oppression in general?
  9. D) Discuss two examples from two different films you have watched this semester that show people being solutionaries and/or overcoming traps in an attempt to build a better world. (20 Points)



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