How Your Parenting Style Impacts Your Child’s Development

Your research paper is due this week. Remember to proof read or have someone else read your paper. You should also refer back to any and all Instructor feedback, as well as the provided rubric as a final checklist before submission. The research paper should contain the following components: • Title page, • Five to seven pages of content • A reference sheet with a minimum of three to five sources from peer-reviewed journals or approved websites. • All sources listed on the reference page must be cited in the text using Author, Year format, e.g. (APA, 2010), • and any citations in the text must have a complete reference in APA format at the end of the paper. The tone of the paper is academic and informative in nature. Do not us “I” and instead write in the third person, and the active voice. Assume the reader knows little about this topic under discussion, so define, explain and cite!


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