Ethics and Inspiration

For this project, you will write a Personal Business Plan and do a pitch in class highlighting how entrepreneurship and innovation could play a role in your personal and career paths. The entrepreneurial process is at its core concerned with “the pursuit of opportunity without regard to the resources already under control.” This process is as applicable to your career as it is to starting a company. The goal of this assignment is to identify where you want to be and how you will get there. Do not worry about your current resources. Think entrepreneurially! The assignment should summarize the areas below, with a special emphasis on reflecting on a “failure.”  can you complet the last step for me     Ethics and Inspiration (10 points)   ·      Explain how ethical principles will be practiced in your daily actions. ·      Mention 2 mentors who you know personally, and explain why they were selected. ·      Summarize your Personal Business plan in 6 words that are applicable and relevant.


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