Ming Ren Jin College Application Essay

I was born and raised in China, beautiful land where people take education as part of their lives. I later got a chance in 2018, and I moved to America to accomplish my academic dream. Studying in America and acquiring American education has always been my dream for a long time. The American higher education curriculum, I believe, is one that will provide me with the utmost knowledge and skills to develop my career. My desire to studying business sparked in me in my childhood when I would help my grandmother in her coffee shop. I was always fascinated by her organization in running the shop and the inflow of clients daily. I will greatly benefit from acquiring this education as it will help me learn what I have always wanted in terms of knowing how businesses operate and how to attract more customers of a product with the relevant marketing techniques. My interest in applying for business school stems from my desire to be useful to others.

My parents used to tell me that I should first respect myself if I want to be respected by other people. At this point in my life, going on college and continuing further education is a symbol of respecting myself and respecting the goals. I dream of becoming an entrepreneur in the future, and I am interested in pursuing a marketing management course that can help me acquire knowledge and understanding about my career. Marketing management describes essential skills that are useful to an entrepreneur. The course prepares an individual for more than just a career in business. I noticed that I have a natural gift of managing a business growing up with my parents, which triggered my career goals.  As a field of study business is very practical as it involves the application of ideas to add or create value for the generation of profit. Studying business is my way of securing a successful future as it opens doors to diverse career options, especially on specialties such as finance, accounting, human resource management, and marketing. I believe that I can influence positive change in my country and the globe through business as business principles can serve as the backbone of social, political, and economic systems at all levels.  Studying business as my major will allow me to have the relevant analytical skills for evaluating both local and global business challenges and find strategic solutions.

After discussing my career with my family, I realized that American education could help me to meet my dreams. Most of the students nowadays pursue their higher education in America, and the number has continued increasing since the last few years. This is due to a reflection of a simple fact that American institutions offer quality education in various fields. I have a dream of joining a college in America because I will acquire a quality education in marketing management that will help me meet my goals and secure my future career.

United States education has the latest technologies and the best minds in the whole world. Nowadays, technologies have replaced so many things, and things are no longer done the same way as it used to happen. Even in education systems, there have been some changes concerning how students are learning. Marketing strategies have changed and customers have adopted online purchasing. Therefore, it is essential to study in American since they have adopted technology as part of their mission to ensure that the student acquires quality education. The United States schools teach students how to carry out their own research on various fields of study especially in marketing management course. It will help me to explore human interaction which is considered to be an important part in entrepreneurship. This knowledge will also help me understand my career since I will get a chance to conduct in-depth research.

There are also more varieties of courses related to my career, and they are all incredible. There are so many credited institutions that offer higher learning courses in America. They offer a range of learning environments and academic options. In fact, most of the institutions focus on particular fields of study, which is a way of exposing students to various subjects. Therefore, I will have that chance of choosing a marketing management course that will expose me to the right path of my dream.

The most interesting thing is that American higher level institutions welcome students with open arms, and they always appreciate every contribution of every student. There are always enough opportunities to help an individual immerse in American culture, especially in classrooms, sports leagues, and volunteer clubs. All educational institutions have enough security for the safety of every student. This is an advantage because I will be in a position to pursue my career in a conducive atmosphere with all the learning requirements.

From my experience, I think I am qualified to be part of the American dream. Education institutions in America require all students to participate in various activities to learn different things that are part of my achievements. Therefore, I believe that I have more achievement from multiple activities both in China and America. In China, I accomplished many community services as a volunteer. First, I was a zoo volunteer, where I learned about taking care of animals, judging their health condition, preparing food for them, and observing animal habits. This is an important achievement because of American culture value the life of animals. If an individual is in charge of an animal, one has to take good care of that animal. Caring for animals is based on the freedoms of animals. Since I have all the understanding of how to take care of animals, I will meet all the legal duties of taking care of the animals.

I also learned how to discourage tourists from feeding the animals. This is because different people have a different understanding of animals. When I participated in the zoo study, I learned that different animals are supposed to be fed with different food types. Therefore, I learned how to discourage tourists from feeding animals since most tourists are not aware of which food is suitable for a certain animal. In America, this is a recommendable achievement. There are so many wild and domestic animals. Tourists come from different countries to explore nature and see animals’ behaviors in their habitats. Therefore I will assist in taking care of animals wherever I come across any animal.

Also, as I was still in China, I got a trophy after participating in a cross country activity in Beijing. I was ranked among the top ten in the statewide ranking junior high level. While I was in 9th grade, I was in the debate team which enabled me to qualify for State Semifinals. This is an achievement that will make me succeed in the American dream. This is because educational institutions in America conduct debate programs that are held annually. The debates are considered to be so crucial because they are entertaining and educational. The best debate team is awarded a reward, and they are given a faculty advisor. Therefore, I will be able to continue participating in the debates club to fulfill my American dream.

In America, I have been a member of the badminton varsity team in high school. I am the leader of the team, and I organized them for many tournaments against many other high schools.  Throughout American history, sports are essential since it helps to establish identity. It is because no religious or ethnic affiliation identifies an individual as an American. Therefore, participating in games make me be a part of the American dream.

Just as I used to do in China, I also participate in community services especially in the library, in wiping and organizing books. Libraries are considered the most important places for the students because all the academic resources assist them in learning. The library is always supposed to be organized to allow students to get easy access to educational resources. I also participate in church activities by helping poor people. There are low-income families around the region who cannot afford basic needs like food and clothes. We, as church members, we take the responsibility of helping such people. Community services allow an individual to gain skills and experience for career prospects. Skills such as planning, teamwork, and task management are essential for the workplace. It is also part of the American dream since every individual has a right to have basic America needs.

I also joined a Glue Club, which is a foundation for cleaning up the streets. It is a culture club that invites some UC graduates who help clean the streets and the college entrance. Cleanliness is part of the Americans’ responsibilities, and public places are always supposed to be clean. I also created a group to complete market research concerning new businesses around the community. Working as a team promotes an environment that fosters loyalty and friendship. This makes me become a part of the American dream where people are supposed to live without discrimination, especially in academic institutions

In addition, my hobbies are camping, fishing, and mountaineering. I like seeing nature, such as trees and flowers. In America, there all the facilities where I can exercise my hobbies. Also, some of these plants, especially when researching the environment. I feel being an American dream since there are more than enough camping sites, lakes, and ocean for fishing and some mountains for hikes. I also have drawing talent, and I use it to assist the local concert design advertising flyer and Rowland Heights community center. Talent is considered to be a critical aspect in the lives of Americans. People with talents have great opportunities for practicing their talents in America. Therefore, my drawing talent will expose me to various environments where I can learn more ideas as I fulfill my dream.

My volunteering activities together with my hobbies create interest in my gaining knowledge of management skills, both management of people and things. The experiences I have gained working with people have improved my interpersonal skills even though that is just a tip of the iceberg compared to what learning and becoming a business figure will entail. I regard myself to be extremely fortunate to be here in America, gaining my education as I am aware of how easy this would not have taken place. As such even though I will be away for long from my friends and family, it will be a worthwhile sacrifice as what I will help me fulfil my dream of managing people and things and finding strategic solutions to both local and global business challenges.






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