Unapproved Parts Used in Aviation Maintenance

Instead, I have attached 2 documents. An outline of the paper with details of what I would like included in each section and an example (titled:Capstone V2) to be used as AN EXAMPLE ONLY. This is a similar paper that demonstrates the layout and type of content I am looking for. This needs to be about 25 pages long, APA formatted, and include schorarly references. If the writer has any questions, please contact me immediately so that I can help them. Thank you outline .docx [MATERIAL] Client: You will see within the outline I have already written the problem statement/abstract. Do not change this! it is already approved and provides the writer with an overview of what I need the paper to evaluate Capstone V2.docx [MATERIAL] 25 page paper on the risk of use of unapproved parts in aviation maintenance industry. Paper must outline risk of use, reference case studies, and provide recommendations of how to prevent use of unapproved parts in the future. Must have a minimum of 10 literabcqry sources. Follow attached outline.



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