Statistics and research methodology

First you need to solve the 2 questions in the word document according to the data in the excel sheet. After that, write a report about it according to the Project Deliverables in the word document which are : • A complete description of the central issue of problem including a discussion of your rationale for selecting the technique(s) used in your analysis. • A complete descriptive analysis of all variables in the dataset, including both numerical and graphical analysis. You should demonstrate the extent to which the basic assumptions of the analysis you used have been satisfied. • Provide a clear and concise review of the hypotheses tests that formed the objective of your project. Show any post–ANOVA multiple comparison tests where appropriate. Also for the other types of analysis in 2 and 3 • Offer a summary and conclusion section that relates back to the central issue(s) and discusses the results of the hypothesis tests. • All pertinent appendix materials The final report should be presented in a professionbcqal format using the APA style.


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