Whatever sticks to me from history based on the readings

What is your “takeaway” from the course — not the ‘data’ but in terms of an overarching idea concerning Canadian business & labour (likely will have “state’ elements too). So — what, if anything, jumps out ? Perhaps, if nothing does, there is a theme — Canadian business & labour history is more random than coherent. Some possible questions include: Was the Canadian economy built for the good of all? Or were select populations the “winners” while others did far worse? Did circumstances “evolve” for the better? And did they stay better, or have we returned to a world of rich and poor? What was the place of governance (the state) in this historical development? need not deal with all, or indeed any of these questions [if you’d rather cover something else History informs you of, feel free.] Length: 3-4 pp; double spacbcqed / normal fonts / margins]


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