A Dramatism analysis of Dave Portnoy of Barstool sports

In the uploads, there is the “final paper” file which has the directions and all the other uploads are from my textbook which needs to be referenced in the essay, they talk about what Dramatism is. I also need two scholarly articles referenced relating to rule-breaking behavior in business and how it can be beneficial and harmful for success then relate that back to Dave Portnoy. As well as articles on how to build a brand effectively and how dave has employed some of these strategies. I also need history on Dave, where he came from, and how he started barstool, compare where he was to where he is now. His interpretation of drama, examples of his success, his feuds with other people that has only made him more successful. How he has encouraged other people to create their own brands i.e. the accounts Old Row and FuckJerry Lastly, I need to state some negative implications of how Dave uses Dramatism, how his behavibcqor can seem reckless and childlike.



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