Financial Planning

Your client is a 27-year-old female, married with one child. She and her husband are both teachers with an annual income of $45,000 each. They have recently moved from Ohio to Phoenix and rent a two-bedroom apartment for $800 per month. The school district has a 401k that they can put funds into on a pre-tax basis. They would like you to advise them as to how much per month, where and why they would invest their 401k funds. In addition, they have $22,000 from the sale of a piece property. Would you advise them to reinvest in real estate or the stock market. They would like this presented to them in a power point presentation prior to you talking to them in person. these power point presentations should be a minimum of 10 slides each and contain the following critical information for your client to examine: • You will detail at least 5 mutual funds and 5 individuals stocks or bonds for this presentation (do not use Nike, Apple, Caterpillar, Amazon, Exxon, McDonalds, Tesla or Home Depot), to include both equity and debt, and a brief summary of how they are in a positive trend. This summary should include what market segment they are in, why you have chosen them and what are your expectations over the short, medium and long term. • Risk reward analysis showing a minimum of the last 10 years of the company’s stock price at the end of the year. • Explain beta analysis in a chart using two examples. • Advise your client as to the pluses and minuses of buying on margin if you think this is relative to them, but discuss the pros and cons in any case. • Advise to when and how they should purchase these securities and what on-going criteria they should be cognizant of, especially limit orders if that is what you would prefer for your client. In any case, discuss open orders and limit orders so they know the difference for future use. • Because these are “Interesting Times”, as the Chinese say, present to your client what future impact the current economic situation might have on equity and debt investments. • Both clients have expressed an interest in ETFs. Explain their value and whether or not you are recommending them. Your objective is to make clear to your client what you believe is a good and sound investment strategy taking into consideration today’s economic environment, the stock market, market segment analysis and the risk reward of both equity and debt obligations. Use charts, clebcqar language and significant data.



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