Final Reflection/Research Report

An overview of the research you found on your topic, more specifically, a clear and concise summary of the research findings in your particular area of interest A review of empirical research related to your topic Observations (or an interview with a practicing teacher) specific to your topic An in-depth analysis of/reflection upon your observations/interview in relation to the research you conducted. Adequate and appropriate supporting sources Minimum of 5 peer-reviewed articles or research-based books, written within the last 10 years Web sites may not be used as one of these 5 sources, nor can your textbooks (HOWEVER, if you have 5 sources, these are fine to use as ADDITIONAL sources). You can use web sites that are governmental (e.g., the NCES or National Center for Education Statistics). Web sites that are NOT acceptable are sites such as Wikipedia or WebMD. The second part of your paper will be a balance of your observations (or data from your teacher interview – can be hypothetical), in relation to the research you conducted, and some general conclusions. EXAMPLE: For example, if your topic was “the effectiveness of using extrinsic rewards to motivate students” you could: spend the first 3-4 pages providing an overview of the research relevant to your specific question about the use of rewards. Then for the next 3-4 pages you would discuss your observations or data from your teacher interview(s), in relation to the research you conducted related to rewards and motivation. This is really the analysis or the “meat” of the paper. You’ve conducted the research, now demonstrate how this research applies or doesn’t apply to what you are observing or what you learned from talking directly with a teacher. Once you’ve completed the analysis/reflection you will be asked to conclude your paper with 1-2 page reflection of this activity What did you learn? How did your research/observations change how you think about teaching and/or students? What questions do you still have? What suggestions do you have for future research (or missing research) in your area of research (these are suggestions – you do not need to answer all of these questions). I have attached the first research proposal as well as the Final Project Draft Sample that was submitted to the professor for your information to use towards writing out this final reflection/research report. I have also included in the materials section the 5 peer reviewed articles to use. Additional sources can be added to this one. You can also use the references listed in the Research Project Proposal which is also in the materials section. Please make sure to include an abstract. Add additional sources from the internet according to the rules that professor indicated: You can use web sites that are governmental (e.g., the NCES or National Center for Education Statistics). Web sites that are not acceptable are sites such as Wikipedia or WebMD. Professor provided the following link to make sure that proper APA format is used: please find a sample student paper here. For more information, please see the below links: ** I have also attached the Final Research Report Rubric to show what the professor is going to look for within the paper. Please review. Make sure to clearly address everything clearly and adequately detailed. ** I would suggest to read first the Research Project Proposal and then the Final Project Draft Sample to then get an idea of what this Final Research Paper has to show… (e.g., more observations, additional interview questions, further research, etc.) **All 5 sources should be used (that are found in the final project draft) as well as 2 additional web sources or as many more as needed accordibcqng to the internet sources rule.



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