skin diseases and conditions that can affect the skin and its functions

typed times new Roman 12 font double spaced. There are many diseases and conditions that can affect the skin and its functions. Everyone should have an understanding of some common skin diseases, disorders and rashes and the problems they can cause. In addition, we should all be able to gather information and organize it so that we can present it to others. 1. Select a topic from the list provided that you would like to investigate and sign up for it using the Google Sheet attached to the assignment. The topic that you have chosen will be yours, no one else in this class will have the same topic as you. 2. You will need a minimum of 3 credible sources. Wikipedia is not a credible source. Examples of sources that you might use could include reliable websites, an encyclopedia, a medical dictionary, magazine articles, or books. Some topics will have more information available. 3. Put your information together in a readable format. Specifically, you will write a paper (2 pages minimum) on the information. Below is a list of information that you will include in your paper. (All information must be IN YOUR OWN WORDS): • Name of your skin disorder, disease, etc. • Who discovered it and when it was discovered (if available)? • What causes it? • What are the symptoms (how does it present itself)? • Diagnostic Tests • Pathophysiology- What is going on in the body? • Demographics-Who usually gets it? • What are some complications that can arise from this disease? • What is the prognosis (treatment)? How effective is the treatment usually? Are there any risk factors that come with the treatment? • What are some preventative measures one can take to avoid contracting this disease? • If the disorder is contagious, how can we keep from getting it? If it is not contagious, how could we reduce the risk of getting it? • Why is it important that we be informed about your topic? **Your paper will require a minimum of 3 cited sources. 4. Turn in your paper. Introduction: Describes name of disorder and origin Uses proper paraphrasing Grabs the attention of the reader _____ of 5 Body Paragraphs: Written in 3rd person Paragraphs discuss all required elements Uses proper paraphrasing _____ of 10 Content: Paper clearly discusses the disease/disorder (refer to information to be included in number 3 above) Uses proper paraphrasing _____ of 10 Conclusion: Returns to description of introduction and adds details Provides reader a sense of completion ______ of 10 Works Cited: At least three sources are evident ______ of 5 Grammar/Usage: Fragments, agreement, usage, spelling, punctuation, clichés No use of “you” in reference to the reader _____ of 5 Format: Typed, Times New Roman, 12 point font, double-spaced _____ of 5 PAPER TOTAL _____ of 50


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