School Education Philosophies

Review at least three educational philosophies with a focus on educational goals, teaching methods, and curricula (subjects):  Reflect upon your own beliefs and practices and choose the philosophies to which you subscribe.  Explain why you subscribe to these philosophies.  In your response to your peers’ posts, compare the philosophies you subscribe to with theirs. Discuss similarities and differences and pose clarifying questions if needed. Here are some resources you can use plus any other ones outside these.   Thank you  Sites you caYo 2. Valbuena, J. G. (2016). Essentialism: As a philosophy and as a philosophy of education (Unpublished thesis). Philippine Normal University. Retrieved March 1, 2018, from This author discusses Essentialism as an educational philosophy. 3. Western philosophies of education. (n.d.). In S. Sikhauli (Ed.), MA.Edu.Philosophy (pp. 49-55). Retrieved March 3, 2018, from This chapter will provide a more in-depth description of Western educational philosophy. 4. Labaree, D. (2005, February). Progressivism, schools, and schools of education. Retrieved March 07, 2018, from This paper provides a discussion of Progressivism. 5. Amidon, J., Monroe, A., & Ortwein, M. (n.d.). Progressive education. In Education, society, & the K-12 learner. Retrieved March 02, 2018, from This article provides you with another perspective on progressive education and its effects on schooling. 6. Lynch, M. (2016, November 03). Philosophies of education: 3 types of student-centered philosophies. Retrieved March 07, 2018, from This article discusses student-centered, educational philosophies. 7. Lynch, M. (2016, August 05). Philosophies of education: 2 types of teacher-centered philosophies. Retrieved March 07, 2018, from


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