Recommendation letter for PhD application (Statistics)

Thank you for viewing this order. Please carefully follow the instructions and details! 1. the letter writer is a professor, the professor will add his background on his own later. The letter’s attitude must be as a professor who taught me in a master’s degree course. The subject was data mining. 2. Please carefully read the attached CV 3. intended doctoral field is statistics 4. the main recommendation points should be related to the following (point a is the most important, others are no specific order):  a. student’s potential and skills in research (reference in CV, PROJECT OR RESEARCH part)  b. student skills (reference in CV – SKILLS part)  c. communication skill (no example, but maybe make up some)  d. enthusiasm to pursue a doctoral degree e. try hard to discipline self on knowledge outside school (reference in CV ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE) f.  the student cares about the world (reference in CV SCHOLARSHIPS & AWARDS part )


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