statistics job market question

Provide an appropriate response. You are a graduate student who is about to enter the job market. You estimate that if you apply for a job there is a .70 chance that the company will want to hire you.This probability does not change no matter how many jobs you apply to. Please solve the following questions: If I apply to  5 jobs, what is the probability that all of them will want to hire me (2)? If I apply to  3 jobs , What is the probability that no jobs will want to hire me? (1)? If I apply to  4 jobs , What is the probability that at least 1 job will want to hire me? (1)? Now i want to be at least .95 percent certain that i will get at least 1 job. How many jobs will I have to apply to in order for this to be true (hint, this problem is better done through guessing and checking) (1)?


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