Government campaign research paper


Write an 8-10 page paper addressing the following: Analyze the campaign of a congressional candidate from the 2020 congressional elections. These questions are suggestions to get you started. You don’t have to answer every one of them, and you may address others not listed here, but these should give you an idea of the kinds of things to think about: 1) Analysis of the campaign itself – e.g. how did the candidate decide to run? Did the campaign use mostly positive campaigning, negative campaigning, or a mixture of both? Air war or ground war? Which issues did the candidate prioritize and why do you think the candidate did so? How was the campaign financed? 2) What was the electoral outcome – e.g. did the candidate win or lose? What are some of the reasons for the outcome? Did the candidate outperform or underperform expectations? etc. 3) Informed speculation about next steps for the candidate – e.g. if the candidate won, what committee assignments might the candidate try to secure and why? What will likely be the candidate’s legislative focus? If the candidate lost, will the candidate likely run for office again? How might the candidate alter campaign strategy for a future run?  4) The most important thing is to use what you have learned in this course to inform your analysis. I want to see the course all throughout your paper (think of the main themes of the course, especially the “Two Congresses” theme, but also Fenno’s three goals for members of Congress, the effects of partisanship, etc.).


*****Connect to these material:

  1. Fenno’s three goals of Congress members,
  2. and Effects of partisanship*****


Rules for writing the paper

1) The paper must have a thesis statement. The paper must have an introduction (no more than a paragraph, this tells the reader what you are going to discuss; the thesis usually comes at the end of the introduction), a body (which contains the information that advances your thesis), and a conclusion (which summarizes what the reader has learned).



  • Davidson, Roger H., Walter J. Oleszek, Frances E. Lee, and Eric Schickler. Congress and Its Members, 17th Edition, Thousand Oaks, California; CQ Press, 2018.

ISBN: 9781544322957

  • Hamilton, Lee H. How Congress Works and Why You Should Care, Bloomington, Indiana; Indiana University Press, 2004.

ISBN: 0253216958

  • Fenno, R. F. (1973).Congressmen in committees. Boston: Little, Brown and Co.



2) Each paper must be at least eight full pages and no longer than ten full pages. You must include a “works cited” page, which does not count as part of the 8-10 pages. You must use at least eight sources; you are encouraged to use more. At least two of the sources must come from the required class readings. Outside sources, meaning non-class material, must be legitimate, verifiable sources – in other words, not something you found on a random Reddit thread. At least one of the non-class sources must be a scholarly source, and more than one is recommended.



3) The paper must follow the citing rules listed in the APSA Style Manual, which is linked in the “Information” section of the course Blackboard page. This means parenthetical citation for everything except Internet sources without attributed authors, which may be footnoted.


4) Papers must be typewritten, double-spaced, using the Times New Roman font and a font size of 12. Margins should be one inch all around. Please include a title page (again this does not count toward the 8-10 page requirement) with your name, the course, and the date.


5) All material taken from the work of others must be cited, whether you are quoting or paraphrasing/summarizing another’s argument. Not citing the work of others is plagiarism. See the course syllabus for further information. If unsure, it is always better to err on the side of caution and cite. See the APSA Style Manual or the professor if you have any questions.










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