gender and sex roles within the U.S. American culture-Film Analysis

The purpose of this assignment is to analyze a film filled with subtle and blatant messages about gender and sex roles within the U.S. American culture.  Your paper must be typed, double-spaced, 12-pt. Times New Roman, 6-8 pages in length, and follow appropriate APA citation format.  There are many films which depict conforming and/or nonconforming gender and sex roles. The following is a list of films already approved for analysis.  However, there are many other commercial films that deal with gender roles and communication.  Any film not on this list must be approved by me at least two weeks before the due date. Tootsie                                   Boys Don’t Cry                                  When Harry Met Sally In and Out                              Dead Poet’s Society                           North Country Good Will Hunting                 Smoke Signals                                     How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Waiting to Exhale                   Fried Green Tomatoes                         Mona Lisa Smile The Joy Luck Club                 Legally Blonde                       Your report should be divided conceptually (though no headings are needed) into brief description of the film, full analysis, and evaluation, with the analysis section being the most important.  In reporting on your film analysis, discuss your feelings and your observations.  In the description section of the paper, summarize the film by describing the main plot line.  Who portrays the characters in the film?  What is the story behind the characters? The analysis is the largest section of your paper.  In your analysis, use course materials and class discussions to help you understand the film and your reactions.  Specifically, what theories can you apply to the film?  How does rhetoric shape the gender and sex roles portrayed in the film?  Are there any specific verbal and nonverbal communication practices used within the film that help explain gender?  Can you relate the film to what we have discussed about Gender and The Early Years, Education, Close Relationships, Organizations, the Media and Power and Violence?  This is your time to reflect upon everything we have discussed and learned in this class throughout the semester.  In this section, you should NOT be describing the film.  Rather, you should be dissecting the film using what you now know about gender roles and communication.  Be sure to cite sources where needed. Finally, in the evaluation portion of your paper, provide closure and relate your analysis of the film to gender communications. Be honest about what you watched/witnessed and make sure to discuss your perceptions of gender communications in the evaluation portion of your paper.  Did this film change the way you think or see gender roles?  Will you make any adjustments in your own perceptions or actions of gender as a result? These are just a few of the questions to which you should respond in writing this paper.  Remember, the purpose of the assignment is to analyze gender and sex roles and express your feelings about your experiences with this film and what you learned from watching the film.


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