: Strategic Planning

Kindly note that:

– All points are to be discussed in 3000 to 4000 words.

– Plagiarism (copy and paste from the internet or other resources) should not exceed 20%.

– All assignments are to be in Word form, and Font Size is 12.

– No PDFs will be accepted.

Strategic Planning

You have successfully gained a junior management role in the UK in an organisation

called Vista, which is a multi-national company. This is an interesting time for the

business as it has decided to review its mission, vision and strategic direction. In this

process the Board wishes to involve staff at various levels in the organisation and it

has established a series of teams which will look at the strategy and feedback their

work to the Board. You have been asked to join Team Singapore which is comprised

of staff from across the company. It will work virtually before meeting in Singapore

for a final face to face session.

This is an exciting opportunity for your personal and career development and you are

keen to make the most of it.

Task 1

In preparation for the first virtual meeting you decide to make detailed notes in which


 explain organisational vision, mission, strategy and business plans and the

relationships between them

 explain how external factors affect organisations and how changes in the

external environment affect organisational strategy

 evaluate how stakeholder expectations influence organisations

Task 2

At the first virtual meeting of the team all members have been asked to make an

individual contribution, which will be circulated to other team members prior to the

next meeting. Your task is to provide a document which:

 analyses the mission and vision statements of named organisations.

To gain a merit grade you must have a further section in the document which:

 evaluates the impact of a named organisation’s vision and mission on its


To gain a distinction grade you must add another section to the document which:

 analyses how external influences affect organisational strategy in a named


Task 3

Following the virtual meeting you have been asked to review an organisation’s

strategy and business plans as this may influence thinking for Vista’s future direction.

Produce a presentation with accompanying notes which:

 explains the importance of review in developing organisational strategy and

business plans.

 evaluates the tools which can be used to review organisational strategy and

business plans

To gain a merit grade your presentation must also:

 review the position of an organisation in its current market using appropriate


To gain a distinction grade your presentation must also:

 analyse the competitive strengths and weaknesses of an organisation’s

current business strategy and business plans.

Task 4

Whilst completing the above tasks your team has decided that there is clearly a

number of strategic options to consider. With this in mind you decide to model

strategy options for a smaller organisation as an illustration. Produce a document for

circulation which develops:

 strategy options for a chosen organisation, using modelling tools

 criteria for reviewing the potential strategy options.

To gain a merit grade you must also:

 apply the criteria and evaluate the options for delivering the strategic direction

of the organisation you have chosen.

Task 5

The Board has decided that the meeting in Singapore should take place and you

have received your travel and accommodation documents. The agenda for the

meeting will include how to create a strategic plan. In preparation for this critical

meeting you decide to produce a file for your own use. The file will:

 explain the structure of a plan needed to deliver the strategy

 explain how stakeholders are involved in the formulation of the plan

 provide a dissemination process to ensure stakeholders are informed and

committed to the plan.

To gain a merit grade you must also:

 create monitoring systems to ensure the successful implementation of a

strategic plan.

To gain a distinction grade you must also:

 construct a strategic plan for a named organisation


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