world literature essay project

For this class one of your major assignments is a final essay project due on Dec. 1st. For this project I’d like for you to propose a topic to me based on an “extension reading”–an author or text you would like to learn more about an interpret. Your essay should have a thorough investigative nature (not a book report/summary). It should pertain to world literature from the beginning of civilization to the Renaissance. You can investigate an author or text we do not have on the syllabus or read further into a work or by an author we read in class already. Your essay should not cover ground we already covered in class, but rather it should explore something new to you. Requirements will be 8-10 double-spaced pages in length, six+ CREDIBLE sources from the databases/library sources. No .com sources or Wikipedia. Begin to brainstorm. Please talk to me about your proposed topic or e-mail me. Do not wait until the last minute on this….as it is a major project.


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