Fintech Final Project: Expectations

complete a report on one of the following: 1)      Prepare an analysis of the business model of the Fintech company “Grab” by applying a Business Model Canvas which lists out the 9 principles in detail. In addition, explain (i) what is the firm’s technology and how does it operate, (ii) the firm’s value proposition, (iii) current strategy challenges, and (iv) the team’s assessment of what the firm could do or change to enhance its success over the next 3-5 years. 2)      Design a Fintech innovation that makes use of financial technology to solve a particular business problem.  Draft a business plan against a standardized template that will be shared in class[1].  Show how the Fintech innovation will create value and highlight technologies involved.  Innovation can comprise products or services not yet available in market, or ventures positioned to compete with existing players.  All topics and analysis must make use of class concepts.


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