“Candide,” then “Candide” essay

The word “essay” implies more than one paragraph.  In general, you should consider writing at least three (3) meaty and thoughtful paragraphs for each of the two prompts you select.  You may write more, but you should be careful not to write less.  Each essay should cite the primary source(s) and at least one secondary source.  Primary sources are the actual works you are analyzing.  For instance, if you are talking about “Candide,” then “Candide” is a primary source.  Web sites like Wikipedia, Ask.com, and others like them are not acceptable secondary sources.  You may start with them to get an overview, but don’t use them in your paper.  See the first prompt for some direction in finding secondary sources. “Essay” also implies that you are specifically focused.  In other words, an essay about “Candide” should not be a rambling collection of everything you know about the story.  It should maintain a specific focus throughout.  This means that you should have a thesis statement, strongly implied if not implicitly stated. All submissions should follow MLA guidelines and should cite any sources used.  See MLA Basics for Paper and Essay Exams for specific formatting instructions.    See Sample Paper for an illustration of MLA basics. See Writing An Effective Title so that your essays will have solid academic titles.  See Literary Terms (new window) and/or Writing About Poetry – Purdue OWL (new window) as needed.  Be sure to utilize the Purdue OWL MLA Formatting and Style Guide for assistance.  Submit your two (2) short essays to the Midterm Essay Exam dropbox.


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