Movie Analysis My Girl

  1. Select this movie below .Make sure you are watching the movie in English.
  2. My Girl (
  3. Watch, understand, and reflect on the movie. You can discuss the movie with other people but the paper is to be accomplished individually. Watch the film you have selected as a psychology student and not merely as an ordinary film viewer (it is suggested that you watch the selected film multiple times).
  4. Analyze the movie you have chosen using all of the guide questions below:
  5. Summarize the movie in one paragraph.
  6. Use two of the theories/frameworks listed below to analyze one character from the movie you have chosen. Use the character you have chosen to compare and contrast the two theories/frameworks you have selected. USE ONE CHARACTER, and ANALYZE USING TWO OF THE FOLLOWING:
  7. Erikson’s Psychosocial Development Theory
  8. Piaget’s Cognitive Development Theory

iii. Vygotksy’s Cognitive Development Theory

  1. Kohlberg’s Moral Development Theory
  2. Using what you have learned in class and from your textbook, identify and describe one critical issue related to childhood or adolescence that the character faced. Make sure you use scenes and moments from the movie to illustrate your points.
  3. What is the critical developmental issue that the character faced?
  4. Was the issue resolved? Why or why not?
  5. Include proper citations in your paper. You are aware of the rules regarding plagiarism. Your paper will be analyzed using TurnItIn software to check for plagiarism, and all instances of plagiarism will result in academic alerts and possible escalation of your violation to the proper authorities, resulting in more serious penalties and similar matters. Do not attempt to cut and paste information from the internet and pass it off as your own. The software will catch you, and if it does, the instructor will not consider any appeal and other considerations. TurnItIn has strict and objective standards, and will not hesitate to detect any and all kinds of plagiarism.
  6. You are expected to work independently on this project. Any and all forms of plagiarism, copying, paraphrasing, and cheating of any kind will not be tolerated and will be penalized to the full extent of the policies and guidelines of Alexander College.
  7. Be sure to use APA format using the latest edition of the APA Manual (7th edition).
  8. Your analysis should not go over 10 pages. Use Times New Roman, double spaced, size 11 font.



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