Farm to Table

The term paper is an in-depth study that is discovered through extensive review of literature pertaining to the central idea of the pursued topic.  In a sense, it is the exhaustive literature review component of a larger research piece.  This is an in-depth pursuit that requires reading and synthesizing that reading into a broader sense of the topic.  Because of the length of time it takes to produce such a paper (hence “term” paper) the expectation is for a substantial written submission with proper citationsFor this semester, you will be required to pick one CONTEMPORARY CULINARY TREND and prepare a paper with detailed research on the trend. It should include techniques, chefs that are associated with the trend, typical dishes, the evolution of the trend, any foreseeable issues, etc. The following Rubric will be used to determine your grade for the paper: Content            Paper meets the objectives of the assignment completely                      40 points Format             Paper conforms to the format outlined in syllabus and uses                    30 points APA 6th Edition Format for citations with no more than 28% direct from Source Writing Style     Consistent with honors level writing and research; grammar and             30 points                         Spelling perfect; Flesch-Kincaid scale of plus 9. To find out how to your Flesh-Kincaid scale go to the following website:


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