European union foreign or domestic policy

The paper should be an analysis of a single policy choice, foreign or domestic by a European Union member country or the European Union itself occurring at any time since 1945. The paper should explain the nature of the policy, and then seek to offer an explanation as to why that policy choice was made. The explanation should identify what you believe to be the most important political, historical, economic and/or social factors that led to the adoption of the policy or action taken. Your explanation is the central argument of the paper and should be reflected in your opening thesis. The paper may focus on a policy reacting to a specific event, such as the fall of the Berlin Wall or seek to explain a long term policy such as Britain’s National Health Service. The policy chosen may be domestic or involve countries or regions from anywhere in the world as long as the paper’s perspective focuses on the decisions of a single European country or the EU. For example, a paper on the fall of the Berlin Wall might concentrate on the role or reaction of Britain, France or Germany, but not on more than one of them and not on the US or Soviet Union. Your paper will also be evaluated on the basis of the criteria described in the assignment rubric below. It must have a clear, identifiable thesis statement stated at the start of the paper backed up by strong supporting evidence. It must also have organizational clarity so that the thoughts presented flow in a clear, orderly manner. The material presented should be relevant to the course, to the topic of the paper and to the point you are trying to make. Papers often suffer by losing focus.


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