Re-imagine policing

Using the information presented in class exclusively,you have been assigned to re-imagine policing in the context of the singular and antipathetic relationship between the police and people of color-particularly black people and  to propose a method(s) to measure success. Define and craft a mission statement.Why did you craft the statement the way you have? What is it intended to accomplish? Describe what the relationship between the police and elected officials should be and why? Affect a process that creates police culture so that the culture is consistent with your vision of policing. (Keep in mind that research indicates that training-even Implicit bias training- may have limited affects) Societal influences are considerable. Construct a process of accountability for unprofessional behavior. What are the particulars(details) Create a step-by-step process to improve/create trust between the police and POC.Why is this necessary? You are to prioritize(re-prioritize) what the police do and why? You are to identify the fundamental causes of crime and propose how to address them. Every Unit covered in class-including the discussion questions- is a part of your response. Cite your sources in your responses.( MLA,or APA is acceptable.)


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