A Teaching Lesson Made for Me

You have been reading about ways people learn and about learning style assessments. It is now time to explore your learning style by completing a learning style assessment from the links below or another one of your choosing:

The VARK Questionnaire (VARK Learn Limited)
Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire (NC State University)
Learning Style Self-Assessment (EducationPlanner.org)
Keeping in mind your results, create and describe in detail a lesson teaching one of your work tasks that is suited for your specific learning style. You must submit your post first before you will see your classmates’. Because of the time involved in addressing this discussion, it is worth 10 points.

1. First, identify which assessment you took, reviewing your preferences and strengths.

2. Then, in at least 300 words, create a teaching lesson focused on your specific learning style to train someone to complete one of your current or past job duties. Tell us the topic and how you could best learn it! What kind of experiences would facilitate or hinder the learning process? In your discussion consider: characteristics of the learning environment, instructor, teaching method, types of handouts used (if any), interactions, assessments to test your knowledge and anything else that would be effective for your learning of this topic.



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