summary an article

will discuss further with the tutor

ello there ,

one page summary of an article ( article upload below)

this is for my business finance class.

Base on what my professor want:

Provide direct answers to the problems at hand or decisions that you need to make in the very beginning of the memorandum.

Next, provide detailed explanation and justification of your answers or decisions that you are asked to make. This is not a research paper, be as specific and as brief as possible. Keep the discussions to the point so that the memorandum is convincing and clear as to why you provide these specific answers or make these specific decisions. This is the type of executive summary which you will be most likely required to prepare for your boss once you start work.

Also, no quoting, make sure that you use your own words. Make sure that you provide appropriate references when writing the paper. If you just copy and paste from an existing article without appropriately quoting you will get a failing grade




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