Advanced Technologies in Journalism

Advanced Technologies in Journalism – is the Technology News Talk (Tech Talk). Share some technology news with the class.
Write a 3–5 minutes draft for class presentation.

Here are some of the rules for presenting the Tech Talk to the class:

Tech Talk presentations must be based on current information.

The Tech Talk must relate to multimedia journalism news. This is not the place to talk about your favorite game, phone or iPad app/updates, family social media events or gaming platforms.

Be prepared and professional.

You are graded on the newsworthiness of your topic, how well it relates to multimedia journalism and/or communication and your presentation (delivery) skills in presenting this information to the class.

Points will be deducted if your presentation runs too short (under three minutes) and or if your presentations runs too long (more than five minutes), has no application to valuable technology news, is about a “stale” topic or if your Tech Talk is poorly presented to the class.

Here are some Web sites that may provide you with a Tech Talk idea:

Business Insider (Links to an external site.)

Google News (Click on the TECHNOLOGY news section) (Links to an external site.)

C-Net News (Links to an external site.)

CNN Technology News (Links to an external site.)

New York Times Technology News (Links to an external site.)

Wired (Links to an external site.)

Please do not write facts check APP.



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