Reverse Logistics in Theory

Part 1 (3-4 pages, not including title & reference pages) (2-3 references w/in text citations)

Identify an organization with a strong focus on distribution. Focus your research on the following:

What are its forward and reverse distribution processes?
How have they changed in the last 20 years?
Provide a company overview.
Give a summary of the financials.
Discuss the financials relating to distribution costs or volume.
Give your opinion on the overall health of the organization.
Discuss any opportunities that may lie in the supply chain.
Part 2 (3-4 pages not including reference pages) (2-3 ADDITIONAL references w/in text citations)

Create a flow chart that focuses on the following:

Include a summary of the stages of the product life cycle, both forward and backward.
Focus in on how the stages of the product life cycle relate to this particular company.
Provide examples and supporting documentation.



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