Criminal Justice:The Modern Penal Code

1. Define mens rea and in then in detail what that means to you.

2. The Modern Penal Code contains four types of states of mind concerning mens rea. Define each one and give an example of each one.

3. In detail, define actus resus and what that means to you. What is the difference between actus resus and mens rea?

4. In detail, define the two forms of causation that exist in criminal law.

-Word count must be at least 1,250 words for total assignment.
-Must be in APA style including in-text citation (author’s last name, year) and references.
-Must include at least 3 scholarly sources 1 being the textbook.
-Textbook: Hall, D. (2015). Criminal law and procedure (7th ed.). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning



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