Choosing a Suitable Publication for your Restaurant Review

Greetings, ENG111 College Composition Group Members!

This assignment — Discussion B — does not ask you to summarize an article or write a review. It asks you to consider which of the countless publications available today would be the ideal place for the review you will write for Task 3 to appear, based on an assessment of such factors as circulation and demographics. Who reads a certain magazine, newspaper, or website? Young single professionals? Married middle-aged folks raising families? Aging retired people? Are they afluent, middle-class, or struggling to make ends meet?

Please carefully read and follow all instructions before attempting coursework:

“Imagine you are going to publish the review you are working on for Tasks 3 and 4. Choose a real publication for the review (for example, The New York Times or the Washington Post) and do some research on it. Consider the following as you prepare your initial posting: describe the purpose and audience for your review. What characteristics do your imagined readers share? Does the publication have a particular bias, and if so what is it? What do you want your readers to take away from your review? Write your initial 300+ word response to the topic and include a link to the publication you are discussing.”

Your review is what you are drafting for Week 3: an evaluation of a product, movie, book, or restaurant experience. Right? Nothing about summarizing a current events news article in there anywhere.

When we meet this coming week, we’ll have an in-depth conversation about the importance of defining, refining, and clarifying PURPOSE (as well as profiling your target audience). Yours ears should perk up when you hear the phrase “Purpose is as easy as PIE.” By this time next week, you should know what P.I.E. stands for.

Meanwhile, as for audience analysis, consider some of the questions below:

* What does my audience want? What does it need?
* What is important to my readers?
* What are my readers least likely to care about?
* What do I want my reading audience to think, learn, or assume about me, the writer?


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